09-04-20 Kingsley: Last Day Term 1

Thursday 9th April 2020

For last day of Term 1 all 3 kids wake before 7am, which throws me. But I’m prepared for I passed out last night so received plenty of sleep. Off to the stove I go: Kingsley will today eat the biggest breakfast of his life.

A glass of milk, a banana, two eggs, 2 rashers bacon, cheese toast, a bowl of cheesy pasta, finally an apple. He’s stuffed, goes to the loo, brushes teeth, washes hands, then off to school with daddy.

A treat for our little guy this arvo: while we’re visiting Sylvia’s 4 chooks in Blakehurst, Kingsley completes Term 1 without a single day absent. And for his efforts γιαγιά collects him for an adventure: they take the 313 bus service to Coogee, have snacks, walk home together then jumps on my old Samsung (“my phone now, μαμά…) and plays till we come home from Sylvia’s chooks.