TWG Tea Salon, Dubai Mall

“The very act of preparing and serving tea encourages conversation. The little spaces in time created by teatime rituals call out to be filled with conversation. Even the tea itself–warm and comforting-inspires a feeling of relaxation and trust that fosters shared confidences.”
Emilie Barnes, If Teacups Could Talk

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Picture yourself and your special girlfriends, taking a relaxing morning tea at one of Dubai’s luxury tea houses. Ahhh, sooth those pre-shopping jitters, sip on calming tea, nibble on delicious accompaniments, all in the centre of town, nestled within The Dubai Mall, a sanctuary of a tea emporium we have found for you, housed in glass and situated under the Dubai Mall waterfall. What a place TWG Tea Salon is to visit…

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We love a good tea party here at, and think they’re perfect for almost any occasion, especially ideal for a charming get together like a hen’s do, you and your bridal party girls, a week before your nuptials, or the morning before the madness of your bachelorette.

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You see, invariably you’re going to have girls of all ages and in all manner of ‘conditions’ at your hen party (pregnant, trying to conceive, tee-totalling health junkies; you get my drift). You’ll need a spread that will appeal anyone younger than 18, old enough to know better, on antibiotics or breastfeeding. So, why not arrange a morning or afternoon tea for your girl-crew, smack in the middle of the world’s largest, most glamorous shopping mall, and have yourself a quaint tea party!

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I was envoy of Bride Club ME the Middle East’s premier online bridal portal, invited to TWG Tea Salon together with Bride Club’s Founder Rhiannon Downie, and we played it like two guests attending a friend’s Hen’s Morning Tea.

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TWG Tea Salon served it up well, with every conceivable tea, scone, pastry and savory dish, windows filled with tempting cakes, cookies and macaroons. Tea is served in delicate fine bone china, and the tea pots are pure collector’s items.

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Bride Club ME was treated to the finest of teas, by attentive tea sommelier and beverage manager Mathieu Delin, who walked us through the 9 varieties of tea sourced directly from the top tea gardens and producers of the world. That is, TWG bypasses dealing with “suppliers” and goes directly to the top tea gardens from 30-40 countries around the world. Rhiannon and I sipped a few, rolled our eyes in bliss, and sipped some more.

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But our favourite beverage du jour would have to have been the Grand Wedding Tea. A black tea blended with sunflowers and breathtaking exotic fruits. We pressed our noses into the blooms and were transported away. Ladies, this is the bomb of teas! It comes in 100 gram tins called “caviar collection” and in sachets, whose packages can be customized with bride-and-groom names and wedding date, should you wish for this as your bomboniere or wedding favour of choice. So smart!

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If you lovely ladies prefer to share something more substantial, like a light brunch, how does this sound for a dish: warm rustic French-style vegetarian quiche with garden salad tossed in 837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette? Or if early dinner is your thing, how about baked black cod with baby root vegetables and bok choy sprinkled with Matcha Tea?

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However a meal may not be what the delicate bride desires. Tea Mocktails, anyone? Try this: Dulcet Rose-with lychee juice and Bain de Roses Tea. Delish…

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Madeleines accompanied with Earl Grey Fortune Tea? Perhaps Financiers with your Jade Dragon? How about a slice of Normandy Apple Tart with a pot of Pomme Prestige Tea? Why, yes, that would be swell! How very civilized and what a hen party treat.

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Morning or afternoon Tea is a lovely way to relax with the girls, tuck into the lapsang souchong and let the chat flow. Let TWG Tea Salon at the Dubai Mall take all your pre-wedding stress away, if for a couple of hours only. Every bride-to-be deserves to be served with grace by knowledgeable staff, tempted with delicious tea-infused gastronomie, and seated in comfort upon plush chairs. Sit back ladies, let the TWG Team treat you like a goddess.

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TWG Tea Salon at the Dubai Mall is located in the most covetable position – right beneath the Mall’s internal waterfall, on the first floor. Soothing sounds of falling rain, stretching over all four floors and patterned with numerous statues of divers made of fiberglass is your view. Indeed, TWG Tea Salon is encased in glass and without a ceiling, guests are in for a sensory treat: sights, sounds, tastes, delicious aromas.

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If you would like to book yourself a high tea, order tea-infused edible gifts, candles, personalized tea sachets or purchase an exotic tea-service, contact Mathieu Delin, Beverage Manager, at TWG Tea Salon Dubai Mall, on, or call on +971 4 385 7775.

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