39 Weeks: Erroll’s Birthday

Seahorse, your arrival is imminent; You are about to enter into our mashed up Dutch-Greek-US-Aussie family who has waited years for your appearance. Me, your mumma-bear, is waay jittery about the labour however your pa is all smiles these days, and extremely confident that I shall be able to get you out with some coaching from his side in the delivery room.

Seahorse's future pa, when we first began dating in 2006-2007

Seahorse’s future pa, when we first began dating in 2006-2007

Today, being the 1st December, marks your pa’s 35th birthday. We woke together and he rubbed your belly-cocoon, and kissed me good morning, then he got a call from Scheduling. So off he flies today but mercifully the flight is just a turn around, which means your pa will be back with us in 12 hours and I shall take this opportunity to get my hair done at the salon, for the both of you: for when Erroll returns tonight, and for your entry into the world. After all, I should want our first photos together to look remarkable!

Happy birthday Erroll Hartley! Seahorse and your wifey await you at home x

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