19-06-17 Old Town in the Morning

Monday 19th June 2017

Further to yesterday’s general medicine appointment, today Kingsley met with the matter of fact Doctor Adrian who assessed his breathing, ears and throat and found him as healthy as can be for a 3 year old with a mild left ear irritation. It appears sand from Phuket’s Kata beach is lodged in there. Nothing that some drops won’t ease out. Oh, and that dry, irritating cough which wakes Kingsley up during the night? And that LOUD snoring? Nothing to be alarmed about since his tonsils aren’t enlarged and touching, and his adenoids aren’t huge. Some oral solution and nose spray for five days is the prescription. We start the three-pronged approach right there at the pharmacy: meds up the nose, down the throat and in the ear.

Then most controversially and firmly against the suggestion of Dr. Adrian, we hit our favourite pool in Old Town. At  45 degrees Celsius with raging hot winds blowing in from Saudi Arabia it’s impossible not to swim today. I’d call it rehabilitation as part of Kingsley’s therapy! Oh and check out our view. The patient has nothing to complain about.