31-12-20 New Years Eve

Thursday 31st December 2020

Look how the cycle of life turns: Kingsley is invited out for new years eve while us parents stay home! At 7:30om Erroll recieves a call from Leo & Rosana. They’d like to invite Kingsley out tonight for new years eve. Lawrence insists as they do! So out our son goes chaperoned by adults while his parents stay in. Kingsley and Lawrence enjoy a pub meal at The Duke of Gloucester then icecream at Bondi Beach.

Earlier that day I got my own gift of spending hours with my boy at Coogee Beach swimming and surfing in his new wet suit care of Quyen. These hours are my absolute favourite exploring nature, in the elements, no toys no car no screen. During these carefree wild hours this is my favourite version of Kingsley. He is attentive, adoring, cute, strong, violently loves me, won’t leave my side.