3rd Trimester: 30 weeks

Guess who is about the size of a large cabbage this week? The Seahorse! A litre of ambiotic fluid surrounds our little cabbage-patch swimmer, but that volume will shrink as Seahorse grows bigger and takes up more room in my uterus. According to the medical books, eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen. But that doesn’t matter now for its dark inside my belly…

Seahorse at 30 Weeks gestation: 28th September 2013

Seahorse at 30 Weeks gestation: 28th September 2013

Vision is one thing, and hearing is another. Seahorse at 30 weeks discerns sounds from the outside now (so not just my irritable bowel gurgling away) and recently I have noticed extra kicks in response to loud noises (AKA raucous squeals while describing my day to Erroll, and those boisterous telephone calls to friends).

Kick and punch all you want darling one. Get used to the chaos; everyday’s a party at Casa Hartley!!



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