14-05-18 School Starts

Monday 14th May 2018

While Erroll remains in Dubai oversees our repatriation, sleeping in our empty apartment on a blow up mattress for the next while, we’ve wasted no time in re-enrolling Kingsley into school.

He RAN INTO ALL THE TEACHERS’ ARMS. He hugged and kissed them all.

Our reception has been spectacular. Miss Sophia the school principal picked us up from home this morning. She chaperoned us. Kingsley chatted all the way to school in the back with Andrĕa her 3 year old. They spoke of hospitals, illnesses and needles ‘tou pīran ěma. Omos thěn eklěye; eītan genĕos…

Here is Linus with his beloved Miss Xrisoūla who re-introduced Dorötheos into class by asking her kids ‘whi has come back, kids?’ And they yelped ‘DORÖTHEOS!!’ She asked him what he’d like to play with first. ‘Touvlākia‘ he answered and out came the bag of blocks.

All was going well (I sat in reception till 11 jyst, er, listening) till his voice got loud. I want to go out. I want to GET OUT PLEASE’. Cabin fever had set in. 7 months of being cage-free to this: school within walls. Miss Xrisoūla must’ve done a professional job ’cause soon enough I hear no more demands for freedom; oy sweet chatter then sing-a-longs.

In a time honoured tradition Kingsley feels the need to go, and go immediately, after school while we play in the platěa. Our only choice is to fertilize the bushes. Again. It happened most afternoons last year. It’s started already.