24-10-18 Dorothĕa

Wednesday 24th October 2018

Of all days Linus is to fall ill, its today – his scheduled Orientation Day for Kindy. Its a headache he actually wakes from: ontop of his right eye. And this after yesterday’s vomit outside of Coogee Woollies.

The headache is intractable and I make the decision that we won’t be attending Orientation. A triple dose of ibuprofen finally relieves his pain and he passes out (as do I) till 1:30pm.

So we stay home and play games, call Coogee Public to reschedule Kingsley’s Kindy orientation (tomorrow! yay!!), wander through under the house and among the garden, head down to dog park, play with Frankie the miniature poodle pup and of course pet Dorothĕa our house cat till she wants no more of such violent affection…