Day 23: Flooding in Dubai

Wednesday 9th March 2016

It’s raining cats and dogs today! Thunder and lightening brightens the dark overcast sky every few minutes and rain has not stopped falling for twelve hours. Dubai had flooded and schools have been closed. Parents have been asked to fetch their kids as the levels rise on our roads. You see, drains were never built into Dubai streets so water just stays put…then rises.

My plans to meet up with longtime expat friend Sunny by the beach today got naturally canceled and other than an enjoyable shower while Kingsley watched Greek cartoons, I remained in pyjamas. All day. I was not alone, for Erroll too lived in pajamas, sleeping from when he got in today from his London flight (6am) till when we all three of us got up after Kingsley’s (and my) nap, at 4pm.

With all that I do – nap, shower, feed Kingsley, speak to friends, tidy the house, read the news, chat with Erroll, gawk at the bloody rain falling over our balcony – my mind seems always to wander to the little lone embaby making a go at starting life inside of me. The needles, pills and suppositories I proceed to administer without ceremony, my only prayers to God of late being one of gratitude, and the other for some help on this.