06-02-20 Twins: Record Walk

Thursday 6th February 2020

Today I surprise myself. Talk about determination: in a bid to nap the babies as much as possible and reduced my stress at having both babies without help, I simply take them out with me all day. Yes all day, from Kingsley’s morning school run leaving home at 8:45am through to doctors visit to see how poorly Elektra is (high temp, coming down with HF&M) then sneak a visit with Kingsley during lunchtime as the Year 1’s play at the lower grounds then strolling the beach, a Woolies shop, back up to collect Kingsley from school, back down to the beach for a walk, to finish up at Coogee Pavilion with the babies playing with blocks. Home at 5:30pm

That’s a total over 7 hours on my feet pushing a double pram. Babies napped beautifully too.