12-08-17 Hassans Day at Hartley Manor

Saturday 12th August 2017

From noon till 6 the Hartleys and the Hassans got down to the business of having fun on a Saturday. Today’s adventures begin at Hartley Manor for a very chaotic house party. The girls give Kingsley teddy bear cookies and he in turn gives them Nairn oatmeal cookies. It is a tradition we mummas have established a long while ago, this cute gift giving affair. And it shows the kiddies what civility and good manners feels like as a giver and a receiver. My contribution is a fruity cocktail in the hands of Camilla about 8 minutes after she arrives. Kids help me in the kitchen in peeling potatoes and cooking three batches of fries.

Next we’re all off to the pool for swimmies and to everyone’s surprise Layla swims unaided by floaties for the very first time. We cheer on! Kingsley is her greatest cheerleader and they both jump in the big pool unafraid. They paddle about while us mums shed a tear.