05-12-17 Last Day in Orlando

Tuesday 5th December 2017

Our final day on holidays and we are already planning the Hartley’s 4th Disney experience for 2018!! This morning Linus woke at the sensible time of 8:30 am; we turned on the Disney Channel immediately (once a year he gets this brain candy) and we go about packing for our 16 hour journey home.

For breakfast Kingsley gets fried potato chunks and chocolate milk for the last time. Junk food is a hallmark of America, I swear. Even Kingsley, who is usually a real lover of fresh bananas and apples for breaky, is turning his nose to these and searching out fried crap. Oh well, once a year, that’s how I see it: hot potatoes for breakfast, pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner, farewell till 2018…