30-05-18 Wednesdays = Kolimbitīrio

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Its swim school day! Each Wednesday the kiddies of Aeīpoli Preschool travel on their school bus to a delightful wee Kolimbitīrio in the rocky mountains of Koropi run by an ex-national waterpolo champion.

Kingsley is always keen for Wednesdays. Today being his third lesson is no different: literally launching himself into Miss Xrisoūla’s arms.

By late afternoon he’s fed, played in the park, relaxed an hour with JiaJia in front of the telly and ready for the beach. What progress in his water techniques I see! So proud to show me how he’s diving now under water, holding closed his nose, swimming a length no problem and full confidence.

By 6pm we’ve made friends with a very cute family I somehow recall meeting last year. Its Dimitri, his dad Christopher and mum Danæ. Yes, we met in the town square; Christopher recalls the moment. How happy they are that Dorötheos and I are back in Saronītha. Our boys play for a full hour: pirates, chasings, ice cream parlour, digging, and most definitely swimming.

A great investment this swim school.