27-10-17 School Photos

Friday 27th October 2017

A letter to Erroll:

DARLING I don’t like that you’re poorly and by yourself. Please take medication. No need to battle it out on your own. We are no longer in the Middle Ages; we’ve got medicines now to help you conquer the illnesses!!

Its 10pm.now. Linus out cold. We were invited over to Phædon’s place for home made pizza tonight. After the pediki hara both boys hatched a plan (in secret), held hands and WALKED OUT THE GATE through the town square and onward to their house. ALEXANDRA and I couldn’t believe our eyes!!!! Phædon cried abd thrashed about to have Linus over. I shrugged and collected our bags/scooter then met them at the house. Boys played ‘Hungry Hippo’ then ‘Fishing’ all night.
Today at school I dressed Kingsley in his finest attire. A note came from school yesterday (thank God I emptied his bag discovering it) asking that the kiddies come to school a little groomed for its School Photo Day. Kingsley was proud to wear his long sleeve shirt for the day…