Kingsley: 3Yrs+6Mths

Wednesday 7th June 2017

I would not have gone out with Kingsley for three hours today had I known Dubai would be struck by 49 degree heat. But we did and even now – at 10pm – my head aches from being overheated.

We were always going to go out so I may as well not beat myself up about exposing the child to extreme heat as Kingsley gets cabin fever very quickly these days and demands to ‘go out’. Ever since we returned home to the stale four walks of our apartment (so long, farewell tropical Phuket) Kingsley insists we leave the house. And for his mini-birthday he asked to feed Fritz the orphan donkey and pay the adolescent camels at Zabe’el Vet a visit.

Happy half birthday to you our clever and cute animal lover! Anything for you; even scalded scalp from sonic sun rays…

Feeding Fritz Jazz apples from Brazil