16-05-18 Swim School

Wednesday 16th May 2018

On this day two years ago Kingsley and I were traveling from Dubai to Greece about to embark on 6 weeks of Spring together. Last year we were here, at this exact day, for his first term of proper preschool. Today I send him off to school wearing his swim trunks in readiness for swim lessons. He’s as happy as a golden carp at 8:25am minutes before Miss Xristīna & Mr Vasilli pull up to fetch him…

The boy’s got a temper though. Attempts to force feed Kingsley this morning before school pick up backfired. He spewed up all that organic milk, fresh bread and banana…all over the portico of our building. Did he get mad at me. Felt bad.

In the afternoon he gets a treat from his JiaJia Dora: a big swirly ice cream. Instead of napping him this arvo we go to the playground for a play. He’ll go down easily tonight: by 7:45 its the blissful sound of snoring.