26-08-18 Markelle’s 7th Birthday

Sunday 26th August 2018

Finally cooling down in Greece! As such we’re off again to the beach of course catching our favourite bus route 123 but this time hopping off at Άγιος Νικόλαος to explore the island and to hit the beach club where Erroll and I had a drink two months ago.

Kingsley of course finds a very cute 6.5 year old Greek-German who fluidly swaps languages depending on her audience. To her mum and gran it is German; to her great aunt and Kingsley the perfect Greek. The kids searched for crabs and shells presenting them to us as trophies. My bag is now full of molluscs.

In the evening we’re off to Markelle’s 7th birthday party! This invitation is Kingsley’s second last October having attended his school mate’s 4th held at Anima Club.

This time we’re at the swanky tennis club Las Dos in the foothills of Saronītha. Kids go beserk crying and filling the night air with tantrums. Well actually none of the little girls do; its only Markelle and Kingsley who lose their marbles over lame plastic balls and €1 coins to insert into attractions. The boys fight / bash / throw large chess pieces at one another and bellow hysterically when they feel hard done by (many times by each other and by us parents). Kingsley comes good by offering the birthday boy his loot (lame plastic balls won at the penny arcade), Markelle reluctantly agreeing. But all is rendered perfect in the world once Markelle’s extraordinary cake comes out.

Kids eat nothing all night save for cold wedges and the icecream cake while us parents must be wheeled out on stretchers from the extraordinary spread.