03-03-21 Twins: Elektra’s Daycare Cough

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Doctor diagnoses Elektra’s Daycare Cough and rubbished the vitamins and faux cough syrup I’ve been feeding her (expensive I may add!). While I’m in Nursing Practices Prac at uni, Keanu plays with Γιαγιά at home and Elektra is clingy to daddy at the clinic. But the good news is that she sleeps for 1.5 hours afterwards and while Keanu doesn’t nap at midday he does pass out at 4:30pm…till next morning! Erroll of course spooning him and Elektra cuddling up to Linus in his big bed. I’m on the pink bed studying for Human Body 1 quiz next week. 2am and here I still am.