29-01-20 Twins: Mozzies

Wednesday 29th January 2020

While Kingsley is at his first day of first grade, and daddy is at home on his day off, these two scamps get the A-Grade treatment. Both enjoy a lengthy morning nap, Erroll taking Keanu, me with the girl, then we adults do something rare, something we’ve not done together since our boozy lunch with Nico and Scott at the Cannery in Rosebery. Erroll and I skipped off to the Supacentre Moore Park holding hands giddy, incredulously out of the house with neither baby!

Dosed up on liquid Telfast the itch of their mozzie bites wanes and sleep takes them to the land of nod. 2 hours each, at least! Muma & daddy return with γιαγιά Dora’s first birthday gift – a beautifully engineered and designed Dyson cold/warm fan.

From here on in, Summer nights in the nursery will be bliss, little Keanu!