11-09-18 Day 2 with JiaJia

Tuesday 11th September 2018

Day 2 of being left with JiaJia…and according to her glowing reports you two are having a ball! Creative conversations, expressing interest in what each other is up to, shopping together, going to the playground and at nights going to sleep with a book and without a fuss.

In fact JiaJia could not believe how compiant you were last night. At 7:15pm you let her know how tired you are and that you’d like to go to bed, so she tucks you in and lets you know that tonight she’ll be watching the news without sound. You turn to your side, fall asleep and snore all the way till 7:15 this morning.

JiaJia would like a) for me to know that its impossible that you took any of my dteadful traits on the angel that you are; b) that quite possibly my presence in the house is the root cause of any bad behaviour you have exhibited when I’m around and c) she could easily live with you for a year so pleasant are your days together.

A letter we wrote to your Oma & Aunty Mika…

Today being Tuesday we trekked through the central-north part of Kea following a 13km trail.

It took us firstly to the extraordinary capital of Kea – the ancient hanging gardens village of Ioulida at an altitude of 561 m. Hills and valleys, slopes with olive oil trees, almond trees and oaks dot the landscape. Cottages, chapels & water springs had us stopping for photos.

Then to the Lion of Kea forged out of rock in 800BC. Then through mountains and valleys to the crystal clear waters of the Otzia Coast.

Here we swam & sunk Mythos beers. Then all the way walking an hour to our hotel in Korissia. This is our day 2 adventures on Kea while Kingsley gets to camp out with JiaJia.