3rd Trimester: 29 weeks

Kicks and jabs; elbows and knees. Each night and every early morning, the Seahorse stretches and kung-fu’s his way into my conscience. And vigorously too! Never more so than now, at 29 weeks gestation.

29 weeks pregnant in Sydney

29 weeks pregnant in Sydney with my friend Yvette

My entire body has morphed into a cocoon: I now resemble one who has swallowed an unusually large, hyper inflated basket ball. The top of my uterus is four inches above my belly button, crowding ribs and diaphragm and leaving me breathless. It’s also pressing against my bladder, which is why I am forever up in the middle of the night to the loo.

The placenta, which is flat and round like a cake and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the Seahorse, is also getting bigger – and now weighs half a kilo!! Mercifully the unsightly water retention afflicting my ankles has disappeared. Its my face that has plumped up, no small thanks to mum, whom I visited in Sydney for a week and who fed me, and my visiting friends, with home made cookies, walnut and yoghurt cake and delicious evening meals.

Oz 076

29 weeks gestation in my home town

The best decision I have made of late was to take a long haul flight Dubai to Sydney, broken up with an hour transit in Bangkok, and visit my disbelieving folks and a small number of friends. Yes, this is real! Nope, this is not a prosthesis!

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