25-03-19 Kingsley: Numbers Bingo

Monday 25th March 2019

My immunity is comprised again. I can tell; a cold sore is burrowing to the right  corner of my mouth. Super run down and sleep deprived for last 8 weeks my body is holding up the white flag. But there’s no resting for me. I want to spend time with my number one!

After Jiu-jitsu Erroll and I literally swap children. He gets unsettled Elektra and I do the kindy evenings routine with Kingsley. We go back and forth on matters such as 1) reading (him, his reader; me, which of the many book fair titles our household procured); 2) ipad use (crosswords are his thing now); 3) dinner (he rejects eggs and chicken  noodles but eats them anyway and so he should. Not one bite he takes from his lunch).

His current favourite game is crosswords. Testing his brain to make words such ‘do’ and ‘so’ is exciting. Making big words of 4 letters or more is cause for celebration!