Kingsley: Working Mum

2nd April 2014

Hair is done, nails painted, make up applied, accessories and new dress on. This girl is ready for her second day back at work…except that I must now…

Mumma Bear off to work, leaving cub with the Erroll

Mumma Bear off to work, leaving cub with the Erroll

a) breastfeed and burp Kingsley; b) spend 20 or so minutes quality time with the child (lest I get eaten up by guilt); c) see to his filled nappy; d) give him a bird bath due to a huge poo which has somehow climbed up his back;


Clean, bathed boy

e) clothe the boy; f) ensure Erroll has enough provisions  to see him through the day as he plays Daddy Daycare; g) pump a bottle of milk just in case Erroll wants to feed the child an extra hit of the good stuff; h) give explicit instructions to Erroll as to when to bring King to my work for a feed and what activities they should do together in the interim;


Mumma and Kingsley funtime in the morning

i) take King to my breast once more – let the boy be dazed from a mega-shot of milk; then finally j) hand over our child to his dad. I can now k) rearrange my dress (boobs back in their bra, and industrial strength bra straps hidden), slip on my shoes and bid Erroll good-day till we meet in two and a half hours at the office where I will sneak away the baby and I.

The most beautiful half hour any working mum will ever have: just me and my infant.


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