01-08-18 Summer Camp Spaz

Wednesday 1st August 2018

Your mummà lost her cool this morning and went to town at the camp director Mixali and his assistants Γο-Γο and Σοτήρις.

From drop off till breakfast, I watched the older camp kids (aged 8+) glued to their phones while you wandered about aimlessly and without a play friend. These kids wouldn’t interact with anyone or anything other than their damn phones. Inside I was seething not for them but for you – you I’ve entrusted to the camp for entertainment and sport.

At 10:30 am I got my chance to speak. Out you all came from the shared indoor play area into the giant outdoor pergola with your supervisors, the kids – all of them – still holding onto their phones. Dear God you gave me strength to muster my best Greek and let the adults know its not acceptable to allow kids to hold their phones non stop. Look at Δωρόθεος, my breath quickened. Its unfair to him that he’s unable to play with these kids because you’re allowing them to carry their phones with them non stop. 

Excuse after excuse came at me. I held my ground. Change had to happen else I’d be pulling Kingsley out of camp. Sotīri and Γο-Γο immediately suggested the kids kick the soccer ball around. Predictably Kingsley jumped at the chance. My eyes welled up.

On my heel I turned and attempted to kill off the spaz attack I was sinking under. In the camp supervisors I entrust Kingsley and it was made very clear that I expect a serious change to occur by the afternoon’s pick up time.

I received it.

Watching a backgammon battle in the afternoon