25-10-16 Horses

Tuesday 25th October 2016

Our second day of forest trekking, this time as a family. On our way, we stopped off at the Miniature Dutch horses with brambles in their manes, to give them some treats: bread and apple cores. They loved it, though Kingsley was not very interested in feeding them like he is with our Dubai camels who are all fleshy lips and hardly any teeth unlike their creatures ready to nip at us.

In the forest our child recognized where he made his poo, yesterday in his very spot he declares! We were incredibly amazed at this observation not for any other reason other than we approached the spot of yesterdsy’s poo explosion from a very different path. How he saw it was the same spot in the forest is anyone’s guess.

The three of us enjoyed sultanas, linseed toasts, mandarins and apples through the wonderland of this beautiful village called Nijmegen…