25-01-21 Kingsley: Sydney Park

Monday 25th January 2021

Gai Royston and the Hartleys are reuniting at Sydney Park for s picnic and my birthday! Kingsley doesn’t want to be here citing stifling heat and boredom (already a bored teen!), but comes good playfully entertaining his siblings on the playground equipment while I am in the pampered with friendship and gifts.

Of course Kingsley would rather be with his friends at a pool and not stuck in a heatwave with us geriatrics, so complains and of late has taken to voicing out loud – and rudely in my opinion) that he’s ‘bored’. I suppose I too was bored age 7 when my folks schlepped me out to see their own old people!

He’s never bored playing games on my phone but I do make him pay for its use, with books read out loud. Today is no exception, Kingsley honouring our barter exchange system with books read.