02-07-17 Together before Sri Lanka

Sunday 2nd July 2017

Shocking. Half the 2017 is behind us. Ramadan’s come and gone. We’ve already traveled to Australia, Greece and Phuket this year. I these days often wonder about what our future holds, when and where we will live. But that’s the heavy conversation Erroll and I engage in. Kingsley on the other hand must truly believe life is a constant merry-go-round of arcade attractions, pools, beaches, friends and good times.

Take for example today. Waking at leisure, languidly playing in our big family bed, up finally at 9:30 am. Nothing to do but play with toys, be handfed breakfast (yes, still), wait for Ba-Bah to emerge from the bedroom (before noon it was!) then watch his current favourite movie Space Dogs

When an agenda doesn’t exist its easy to while time away pottering about and that’s what happened to us. We didn’t get out of our apartment till 4 pm taking the metro to Noor Station, arguing over taxi versus walking, ending up walking the 35 minutes to Oasis Center, and dripping wet from perspiration we adults release Kingsley into the colourful and loud world of Fun City

Erroll and I tag team the supervision of Kingsley inside the soft play jungle. First Erroll is in, and immediately climbs through narrow tunnels and scampers high into the netting. I go shopping. An hour later I’m in and Erroll is released from duties. At one point Kingsley and I are deep within the soft play area, in a space where balls are madly collected into wee baskets by the scores of lunatic children, fed into machines, buttons pressed and those balls are shot out into the space below. Kingsley is above me on the next level where canons are fed the balls.