Kingsley: Grass

Friday 26th September 2014

Autumn has arrived with its gloriously mild weather and long, lazy sunny days. On Friday Kingsley and I together with our friends enjoyed a day-by-the-pool experience at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai. Here not only did we swim and eat at the buffet, but we explored the nature reserves of the property.

Often, babies who touch grass for the first time are not thrilled by it and may continually try to avoid its touch. Repeated outdoor visits will usually take this apprehension away and before you know it the child won’t even notice it. It was with this in mind that I had Kingsley sit on the cool grass, touch it with his hands an feet, then taste it (his choice, not mine!) and finally crawl all over it. He loved it!

Grand Hyatt 023 Grand Hyatt 025 Grand Hyatt 027 Grand Hyatt 031 Grand Hyatt 037 Grand Hyatt 039

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