21-09-19 Twins: Home Alone

Saturday 21st September 2019

We survive our first night home alone without daddy and big bro to wake us in the morning. And how pleasant it is!

Naps after breakfast for the two scamps, lunch of chicken and vegetables then because afterwards they’re having too much fun with mumma the only way to nap them is with a long stroll

Its to Coogee then up to Randwick where the twins get Kingsley a pressie (a sparkly owl Ty doll to add to his collection). Here they guzzle blueberry Laban. Obsessed with the Swedish sweet sour thickened taste. I am too.

In the morning we play dress ups. How I squeeze their chubby thighs into outfits made for 3 month olds is anyone’s guess. But its for cute photo purposes. Poor kids wore these out shopping. Got lots of attention though!