21-05-18 Nudie Dip

Monday 21st May 2018

Its seriously warming up in Greece. Every day is perfect weather for a dip. With JiaJia Dora away in Athens I decide to take us for afternoon dips since a) the Saronītha waters are crystal clear this time of year b) the beach is ours c) avoiding home = avoiding requests for telly d) we will shower outdoors e) I will tire him out f) food easily gets eaten when in nature (milk, two bananas then an apple and a fresh, round sesame koulouri from Mr. Giorgio’s fourno.

By 6pm Kingsley is hyped up and uncontrollable. Since 3:30pm pick up we’ve played in the park, hit balls & rackets, learned about recycling glass, shopped, swam, explored rockpools, even caught a crab on a stick (well, the crab used his claw to grip Kingsley’s stick. Much excitement for this first!).

We’re home alone tonight. On the phone, Kingsley rouses on JiaJia Dora; yells at her that she’s very late coming home. And that she’d better hurry up before it becomes midnight. I cook up chicken pilaf. As a treat the child gets 30 minutes of Nickelodeon (immediately regret that decision) then it takes another 30 minutes to reverse the ill bloody effects of bad tv on the kiddo’s nervous system.

No tv tomorrow. Only nudie dips.