Greece Autumn 2017

August 28 – November 13 2017

Trip #2 to Greece for this year made primarily to enroll Kingsley into preschool and take in the looong hot summer with his JiaJia Dora at the family’s tiny beach pad. Kingsley attending school now (started at the beginning of the new scholastic year on Monday 4th September) is deemed his ‘second’ year at school since I first enrolled him for April and May of this year (and that’s actually ‘last’ year).

Apart from adventures and beachcombing Kingsley got to experience the world of his Greek cousins again. He loves them though way out in front is his affection for Aliki who takes the time to play with him loads.

From preschool to soccer practice, swim classes and new friends made, here are the diaries  of our Autumn in Greece…