01-12-20 Twins: Daddy’s 42nd Birthday

Tuesday 1st December 2020

A note sent to Sam & Ilse who wish Erroll happy birthday:

He’s had a blast! We schlepped out to Granville to buy a 4 burner cooler and kitchen tap mixer then to Belmore for quality souvlaki and other meats, then Bunnings. And tonight two beers with Con, Marlen’s husband. Plus my Betty Crocker cake 🎂. I pecked him on the cheek for a bit of razzy romance. Now we’re sleeping in separate bedrooms because well, kids.

Erroll’s candles are lit and relit 5 times, Kingsley master of the pilot flame, Elektra ready to burn the house and Keanu stopped dead in his tracks by this the first time I suspect he’s registered flickering candles.