Kingsley: Development at 10

Sunday 2nd November 2014

Oh where is our tiny, floppy newborn gone? Who is this independent little person with a big personality? Our infant gets around at pace now, plays and communicates like a pro. Kingsley is outgoing, adventurous and always happy. For ten months I have watched and documented our son’s development. Here are his latest achievements (proud parent that I am):

  • Crawls like a fast crab, pulls from a seated position to standing, cruises furniture, squats while holding on, and NEWS TO HAND: squats hands free!
  • Picks up tiny objects in his pincer grasp, holds a toy in one hand and shakes a rattle with the other.
  • Understands and follows simple one-step commands such as ‘wave bye-bye’ and ‘clap hands’ and even ‘where is the light?’ (all of course in Greek, the clever bilingual we are rearing).
  • Babbles, bops, bounces and dances to music, makes endless eye contact (nay, demands eye contact!) and responds to our words and actions.

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