Ava loves Kingsley

Friday 18th March 2016

A tender love shoots green before our very eyes tonight, at Nadine’s 40th birthday party. Adoration between a smitten Kingsley and Nadine’s youngest daughter, Ava, is very apparent; these two won’t leave each other’s sides throughout the celebration.
Ava has recently taken a genuine fancy to Kingsley – all very innocent, mind – and Kingsley who is the quintessential brute, seems confused this evening by her attention yet welcomes it (since the other kids are too big and boisterous for him to feel a part of their action). Ava, on the other hand, is sweet, quiet and insists on feeding him his milk bottle, to which Kingsley happily sits down for and in these moments, they look at one another and smile.
Her father, our good friend Max Mansour, won’t hear of his daughter’s declarations of love for thr boy. Oh yeas, she was overheard by many of the adult guests tell her dad that she ‘loves Kingsley’ and that ‘one day I will marry him’. Erroll himself, at the end of the night, saw it for himself. Ava comes out to the garden where the remains of the adults are sitting about talking, nibbling crumbs of cake, walks straight up to Erroll and asks whether ‘Kingsley can stay over’. Erroll responds with ‘you’d better ask your dad that.’ A stern Max replies with a curt NO!!
Still love is set between them, notwithstanding the oppositional dads in the audience. On our setting off for home and bidding the Mansours farewell, Ava’s public declaration became manifestly evident: she hurriedly brings from inside the house a musical toy, hedges her bets on her mum Nadine being a little more sympathetic to her cause, and states / asks that she would like to give Kingsley this toy to take home as ‘I don’t use it much these days anyway’. A nod from kindly mum Nadine seals the exchange: gift to Kingsley earns Ava a kiss on the cheek.