Kingsley: May Day

1st May 2014

It’s the first of May! In exactly one week you my little miracle baby shall turn five months of age. The very best five months in my life have without a doubt been these very months. Today, also, marks the birth of your soon-to-be little friend, Maya Hassan. Maya is baby girl to our family friends the Hassans. Maya is currently being swaddled and wrapped tightly at Al Zahra Hospital NICU, for reasons I shall find out tomorrow when we visit her and her mum, my dear pal Camilla-Marie.

Babies like you however, who come out full term, a healthy weight and with all faculties intact, need no care other than the application of a mother’s nipple into a waiting newborn mouth. That was you the instant you were born: cleaned up, weighed, wrapped and then promptly placed on my breast. Five months later, you are still latched on. My strapping boy!

Minutes old

Minutes old

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