Kingsley: 8.5

Thursday 14th August 2014

Adopting a long term breastfeeding mindset can be extremely difficult for mummas whose experience of breastfeeding is distorted by the confusion, delirium, discomfort and sheer pain that accompany conditions such as thrush, leaking and overproduction, awfully tender nipples, engorgement, and blocked milk ducts and mastitis. Repeated bout of all the above leads to aversion to feed and high anxierty at the prospect of a screaming starved baby with a hungry mouth latching on to the y and simultaneously. All of these happened to me during the first three months of my breastfeeding career; I was in agony if I recall correctly, so severe were my symptoms.

After a while it all got much better and I could see that breastfeeding Kingsley was giving me him great benefits (the infant never fell ill nor cried belly achesal disturbances).

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