01-07-19 Kingsley: Alaska

Monday 1st July 2019

An exchange of messages with Marlen…

They’re so cute!
Picture the following;
Boisterous liddle Elektra being licked by Frank & trampled on by Ninnii practicing to trampoline on giagias bed…
In contrast quiet Keanu fell asleep whilst being held upright by your
Zero stimulation = sleep..
And Frank still licking away… both babies..
And poor giagia lamenting

…add to it Marlen fueling the fire in jiajia’s already hothouse bedroom by showing the coffeetable book featuring Sydney’s dogs the last page of which was FRANK. THE ROOM ERUPTED.

I take full responsibility at disrupting the sleeping bear..
BTW…Elektra laughed at all the shenanigans.

Meanwhile your godson has discovered the particular thrill that comes from picking free one’s toes of lint…