19-09-17 Boob Pinch

Tuesday 19th September 2017

Today marks 6 glorious months Kingsley’s off the boob. I reclaimed them back then. However since I weaned him off, his boob mania has been replaced with another. He’s developed a habit/obsession of pinching one boob or the other. Like his life depended on it. It is absolutely ridiculous and so insane that I actually laugh out loud. He knows it too.
When we’re in Dubai he seeks out his father and looks him square in the eye…then comes in for the pinch. His dad of course knows its daffy too. Erroll calls out sternly “Niniī! !” putting his hands on his hips in authority. But Kingsley just falls about laughing.
Here we both are this evening at the beach cracking up at how absurd it all is…