20-08-20 Kingsley: Play Date at Flying Fox Park

Thursday 20th August 2020

An impromptu play date! Spins Kingsley’s head that this usually “bad mum” can be so spontaneous, fun and easy going. Indeed when I spot Kingsley waiting at the pick up zone, wave to him to come to the gate where I am waiting with Kavita and Jesse, he’s all smiles. Jesse’s tickling the twins, no one wants to go home, Kingsley suggests we go to Flying Fox Park, I say YES, he looks startled and thrilled turns immediately to Miss Kavita and asks whether Jesse can join us. A resounding YES too. Jumping up and down from joy he can’t believe his luck AND that μάμα is actually funsies. That’s right! Just like I was for literally this first 5 years of life.

An hour of wild skirmishes, dual action flying fox twirlies and playing ball (I brought three, just in case!) Erroll arrives relieved that his yearly recurrent airline exams he just passed, and takes Kingsley to jiu-jitsu for yet more skirmishes with his Dojo buddies.