22-07-19 Kingsley: Malabar

Monday 22nd July 2019

In an inspired move we head out to Malabar in shorts and flip flops on this glorious winter’s day. Its Kingsley’s last day of school holidays so he gets to spend it exactly how he wants to. Firstly he stays in bed watching crappy YouTube shows of marbles rolling to and fro while I feed him bananas and buttery turkish bread toasted golden. Next honey on crumpets for lunch.

Now we head to Malabar a short 13 minute drive from us. Here we encounter a pimped out playground and a little girl who is up to the challenge of taking Kingsley on as a play mate. Both of them falling off the attractions and skipping to the next one. The lure of an ice-cream from the corner shop cuts off the friendship (Kingsley cannot say no to a white chocolate Magnum).

By 4:30pm it occurs to us that Kingsley doesn’t actually have lunch for school. So its to Woolies we head for ham and yoghurt and bread plus his newest obsession: the Lion King figurines. Today’s haul is two new ones added to the collector’s box the instant we get home.