Ch.10: Stuffed

Its starting to take its toll: that feeling of fullness after a meal. A heaviness bordering on uncomfortable, when I dine well. And its a nightly occurrence – eating heartily – here in the Middle East. We do not do things by halves, especially when it comes to the culinary arts. And by jove its an art form how we can pack in so much variety, and volume, in one sitting. You see, we are in the latter half of the Holy Month of Ramadan, so many an Iftar is enjoyed among friends…

Petite French gems for the growing mumma: f/4.5; 1/60sec; ISO-500

Petite French gems for the growing mumma: f/4.5; 1/60sec; ISO-500

As doctors and nutritionists say, pregnancy is definitely not the time to attempt to cut back on food intake. And rest assured this mumma is certainly enjoying nourishing the Seahorse who grows by the day. Notwithstanding endless bouts of indigestion, each meal time represents to me the opportunity to nourish the little one, to provide flavours and every vitamin needed for optimal growth. Now, I do not as a rule take to desserts but goodness me, I just cannot deny myself a fruit basket. No matter how stuffed I am, there is always room for fruit.

And tonight Seahorse enjoyed a plentiful dessert selection of berries and nuts. You see, our baby has begun to regularly swallow amniotic fluid, lending practice to its wee maturing digestive system. And learning to taste! But what goes in, must come out. At 21 weeks, Seahorse has begun to wee in the womb! So while this mumma feels stuffed to bursting, Seahorse is chilling, enjoying a dining-while-floating experience and weeing to its little heart’s content.

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