15-10-17 Zaharoplastīo

Sunday 15th October 2017

Today being Sunday we spent the day in Athens among family as our cousins were reuniting – me, Vicky, Mirella and Jim from Australia. About 18 gathered at Marina’s for a feast. Three generations of us ranging in age from 3 (Kingsley) to 93 (Mrs Pelekīdou) ate non stop for many hours. Linus took JiaJia Marina a bunch of flowers and mumma Dora presented a big glorious bitter almond cake from a well known zaharoplastīo as specialist cake shops are know in Greece.

All throughout our bus trip to Athens Kingsley asked non stop whether we are soon arrived at JiaJia Marina’s place and when he’ll see his cousins. His enthusiasm for family didn’t wane once we arrived: running up to Marina and hugging her legs, flinging the flowers at her with pride, looking for his cousins and again hugging Mirella and Vicky with so much heart.

Here we are at the zaharoplastīo Byzantium in Athens which started operations in 1958 and which creates mouth watering sweets, cakes, tortes, biscuits, slices and chocolates. It was among the chocolate selection where Kingsley lost his senses. He literally wouldn’t move away. The owner gave him a home made chocolate slice as a gift and hia face once it was unwrapped says it all…