Kingsley: Hummingbird

2nd June 2014

The bitter decision to place Kingsley into nursery was made sweet by having been offered a place at Hummingbird Nursery. OOh we pay, and pay well, for the privilege of securing a spot in this the most sought after of nurseries in Dubai. After all it is in the financial centre of the city and located in the most glorious of buildings surrounded by cafes and art galleries, and the carers are western trained.

Hummingbird Nursery is specifically designed for babies aged 3 – 26 months. Every day is a new and exciting experience there where our child shall play, learn and build special relationships with other babies and carers. Erroll and I chose this nursery because the curriculum focus is on our child’s personal, social and emotional development, communication skills and his physical development. Plus it is in our neighbourhood.


Kingsley completely surrounded by bright colourful things at Nursery.

What we liked is that the nursery offers 5 distinct areas for infants to explore:

  • Baby area
  • Creative area
  • Construction and role play area
  • Classroom and music area
  • Gross motor play area

Our boy will build with blocks, dress up and immerse himself in pretend play. He will one day paint, tear, shake, smear, draw and explore. Better here than at home. HAHAHA!!!

During the nursery’s circle time, King will be read stories using puppets. He will sing songs and rhymes. And as you can see, he is already awestruck by the riot of colour, movement and texture of the toys surrounding him. Day One at Hummingbird has gone OK…

Kingsley surrounded by bright colourful toys, at his nursery

Kingsley surrounded by bright colourful toys, at his nursery


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