31-08-20 Twins: Water Play

Monday 31st August 2020

Finally its warm enough for water play in our front yard. For a few days I’ve brought out large mixing bowls filled with water, various cups and some fun kitchen items such as egg whisker, remove the babies’ shoes and socks then let them get wet. Buys me 10 minutes without hearing the new ‘mum MUUUM!’ from Elektra. Keanu still whines to be heard. Oh darlings, I hear you both!

The upside to the damn covid pandemic is that Erroll is here to buffer my high impact high activity high stress days today being no exception. With Kingsley off from school there’s no way I can cope well with all 3. Erroll to the rescue taking charge of our big boy (and his tonsillitis) while I escape to Randwick with the babies where they watch me get my face threaded. Sat and watched mesmerised as the magician lady twirled about me twisting her threads.

Didn’t hear boo from them. But them hunger struck. Nothing that Woolies can’t help with. Each baby eats a banana and a yoghurt. (Kingsley never ate banana on his own!) But this is what necessity causes. Μαμά cannot feed both!