18-07-16 Kiddie Display

Monday 18th July 2016

While Erroll hits the gym and Kingsley naps this arvo, I set about rearranging a small area of our living room for the young one’s enjoyment. You see we rarely buy him new toys or books (to be honest because he has SO MUCH) and the things he does have often he ignores or forgets about.

With a brand new addition to our furniture collection (a low coffee table thanks to departing ex pat pal Mercedes), the toy display receives some extra mileage: literally scores of model cars, trains, animals and Nickelodeon/Disney-inspired characters now sit proudly in neat rows. I myself had a jolly time looking at each piece of plastic / dye-cast metal; I can only imagine the kick Kingsley gets lording over his collection.

And what a kick he got when first he cast his eyes on this colourful corner this evening, still groggy from a three hour power sleep. Massive smiles and many ‘Efharistô Mummá!’ in his always delightful Greek, thanking me for a Toy Store worthy display. Leaving him to play, I begun preparing dinner (vegetable and bean cous-cous which by the way he turned his nose at). That’s my job done for another month, when he will doubtless start rumbling with boredom that he has ‘nothing to play with.’