01-03-20 Twins: Visiting Marlen & Frank

Sunday 1st March 2020

While Kingsley is at his jiu-jitsu competition, the babies and I go on an adventure, on foot, to Marlen’s. Our first visit! We carry with us a toy container full of fluffy toys for Frank. He takes his favourite ones immediately into his bed to chew on, others to lay on. In turn, the babies play with his tennis balls. They scooch about on the floor and are fed by γιαγια’ς hands a dragonfruit (bland, underwhelming) and grapes (sweet and delicious) actually enjoying both.

We stay for two nappy changes, till the babies get emotional and want MILK. Out to Randwick we walk. For the first time in a long time its just me and the babies as Kingsley is away with buddy Spencer at a Playdate eating crappy McDonald’s after the competition. The babies I feed overpriced organic vanilla yoghurts and minted lamb in squeezy pouches, blueberry laban willing them to nap.

For their first birthday Marlen gives them a cheque for $200 and a Valco Snap DUO rain cover. The perfect gift.

Elektra is the easier of the two these days for daytime naps. Rarely does she fight napping whereas Keanu bolts upright wanting to take on the sights. No matter how many times I push him down to sleep he using his core gets up and looks out. No matter how cranky I become he laughs – genuinely laughs with his heart – thinking mamma is playing a game. I’m not!

Now I know to just let him watch the world, inevitably sleep will overpower him and he’ll crash. Which is what he does this late arvo walking home. Crashed, the both of them.