Stay-at-Home Mummy: Husband Love

January 2017

Kingsley- here is a letter (well, email) your Bah-Bah sent me while I had taken you to Sydney for the ’16/’17 summer holidays. This is how caring and selfless he was for all the many (over a dozen) holidays I took you on from the age of two months onwards…


I must say without a shadow of a doubt I want you to remember this forever.You are an amazing mama!From all of the wonderful photos that you have been sending me of you and our son have such amazing adventures.From the look in both your eyes and on your faces it shows that memories are being created on a daily basis.The snap of the Sydney Opera House is magnificent while you were on the manly ferry.Soon we will be together once again as a tight nit family.These daily adventures are what Kingsley needs and I am sure cherishes.
Drill sergeant and Rapid Fire classes finished for today.Now it is time for a shower,dinner and sleepy times.Tomorrow do it all over again.Squeezing it all in two days,feeling great.A lot of the trainers have left Unit 27 and moved on.The new trainers are just as good keeping up there high expectations to get the best out of you!Just after midnight tomorrow night I’ll make my way back to Dubai sleep for a few hours then the maintenance guys will carry out the work in our apartment.I am glad the AC filters have been cleaned now it is working much better.Enjoy the rest of your time in oz and make the most of seeing friends,family and taking our son on daily adventures.You are a superstar in my eyes and I especially can’t wait to see your new hair from the salon.

Luv,Luv Your Man Phuket.xxxx”

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