27 Months – Adventure a Day

Tuesday 5th April 2016

This entire week I have dedicated to entertaining Kingsley. Not a day goes by that we sit at home bored/destructive. On the contrary; these days the weather is cool and breezy – a pleasurable climate for adventures. So each morning (which by the way amounts to ‘mid morning’ by the time Kingsley rolls out of our bed – usually just after 9am), we eat a hearty breakfast, then a tasty lunch, pack our bags, take changes of clothing (both child and I), fill Tupperware with snacks, and GO!

So far Kingsley has visited and fed camels and a friendly donkey, played in children’s playgrounds, swum in warm water pools, bathed in outdoor showers, traveled on the metro, jumped on a bus, come face to face with a newborn baby (his little mate Harrison’s baby brother, Byron, newly hatched at American Hospital), wandered through the lobbies of exquisite hotels, experienced the most expensive dates in the world…and enjoyed their taste…and asked for more!!!, and of course played barefoot in sand, grassland and dirt.

His eating habits are still peculiar (in other people’s minds; certainly not ours): eats non stop during the day, but not much and certain,y doesn’t sit down to a bowl or plateful; drinks milk from a bottle; is hand fed by me. That last element presents mild concern even for me, so this week I began leaving pieces of toast on his high chair table, to see whether he know/has forgotten hand-to-mouth coordination. Daft me. Of course our child knows how to feed himself, and he did. It’s just that I get far more down his throat if I personally feed him. And that way we are out of the house quicker, and onto our next big adventure.