Kingsley: Mumma’s Dress

Dear diary,

I am exactly one size larger than my usual (pre-pregnancy) self. In Australia I suffered great anxiety about returning to work and not having an appropriate wardrobe that was suitable for a) the office and b) my new girth. However inspiration came to me when Marlen and I were given a tour of our cousin Roula’s corporate wardrobe. It blew me away just how stylish, wearable, flattering and fitting each item seemed, for a girl who spends most of her waking life in a corporate office.


Mummy’s new work dress


A chubba chubba Kingsley loves mumma’s new work dress

So while in Australia I made plans to relieve my anxiety over returning to work from the slovenly splendor of maternity leave 12 kilograms heavier than my usual lean 54kg. How? By shopping for a new set of outfits befitting my new role as beloved mumma-bear to a breastfeeding Kingsley and my existing role as Office Manager in a fancy office.

Dresses, many pretty button-down dresses. And guess what? With easy access to the breast, Kingsley votes with a resounding YES! The dresses are a hit and I no longer suffer nervousness at the thought of returning to work.

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