05-09-20 Kingsley: Pool Party

Saturday 5th September 2020

For the longest time Kingsley’s been excited knowing we’ll be visiting Elle and Ara and their two purple haired dogs Destiny and Lulu. He remembers the warm jacuzzi and the waterfall feature plus the (colder) poolside area which he vowed on the way over today to jump into.

Once we arrive he feels right at home. As any gentleman would he hands out the presents for each of the three ladies, unravels his own two pressies, jumps into the jacuzzi with Elle, convincing Elektra to hop in is easy! Though not even big brother Kingsley can induce Keanu to come in.

Once out and eating bread, Ara takes Kings up to apply a charcoal face mask! And on the way home nods off in the car. Asleep by 7:10!